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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Open Letter to the Hounourable Jane Cordy

The Canadian Government is going after vaping with Bill S5! We have been down this road before, and we will continue to fight to ensure that Vaping is regulated fairly and not into prohibition.
Over the next few weeks, we will be posting open letters to all the politicians that we have reached out, in hopes that our words, opinions and stand on matters get heard.

If you want to do something, as a consumer, an amazing consumer focused advocay group has been started, The Official Vapour Advocates of Canada.  Also the group has created this incredible and growing data base full of information to help you if you would like to get involved.

Here is our first letter to Senator The Honourable Jane Cordy in regards to what she said during the March 1st 2017 debate on the bill.
Debate Transcript
Jane Cordy Bio

Dear Honourable Jane Cordy,

My name is Maria Papaioannoy-Duic; I am a Canadian citizen, former smoker, current vaper and a small business owner of vape shops in our beautiful country. Your debate on Bill S5 disheartened me. I decided that before I jump to conclusions about the “intent” your words had, I should ask a few follow-up questions. I hope you do not mind.

1. In debate you stated:

"Because of parallels of the tobacco industry and the emerging vaping industry, I believe it is appropriate to regulate vaping products under the Tobacco Act”

I was wondering, what are those parallels? I know that you mentioned that you were still learning about the industry, is it fair for me to assume you haven’t dug deep to find similarities with NRT products from the Pharmaceutical industry and perhaps even the food industry. I think someone with your background in Education would find the utmost importance in researching both arguments when developing a thesis for debate and be meticulous in keeping an open mind in allowing for research to present opposition to your initial argument.  I hope for the sake for the 30 thousand plus smokers that die each year in Canada; you do continue your research with an open mind and heart.

2. You also mentioned:

"As scientists and experts study the issue and as the science catches up with the industry, I am cautiously optimistic that vaping will be proven to be less harmful than smoking, but at this time, it is dangerous to assume that vaping possesses no health risk at all.” 

You were on the committee that wrote Out of the Shadows at Last which stated:

 "Harm reduction is intended to reduce the health and social impact of alcohol and drug use without asking that users abstain. Abstinence may be a long-term objective, but the short-term goal is to promote safe use”.

Has something changed with your viewpoints when it comes to addiction since the publication of this document? I can assure you that the beliefs surrounding harm reduction made by our constitution have not.

 3. Furthermore you shared

"According to Health Canada, in 2015, studies indicate that 26 per cent of Canadian youth aged 15 to 19 reported having tried an e-cigarette."

I would like some clarification on that statistic. Trying something once in a 30 day period does not constitute long-term use. What statics are you pulling your research from, that gives you the confidence to conclude that those one-time uses transform to current e-cig users? I have been searching and can’t seem to find it. I only found the Canadian funded study, from the University of Victoria. However I believe that many people sent you a copy, so I won’t add that to my email today.

4. Intent…. I don’t even know where to begin. After listening, and reading your debate remarks, I have realized, that I have to date spent more time properly researching you, then you researching vaping. Ask any eLiquid manufacturer and or shop owner, what their intent is, and they will tell you, to help smokers stop smoking, FULL STOP.  The liberties you took in drawing unfair parallels to an industry built by hard working Canadians to the multi-billion dollar giants of tobacco is insulting. I would highly encourage you to add additional Google searches to your research protocol on this subject; those would include "how vaping changed my life” and "how Vaping saved my life.”

I understand that you are human and that you can only see what you choose to open your eyes to. I can say that it is unfair that you have opted to brand me and the majority of vaping industry business with a paint brush that is tarnished by a few bad apples. That would be equal to me thinking that all Senators are part of The Canadian Senate expenses scandal.  I am wise not to; I would expect the same from you.

I look forward to continuing to follow your position on this debate and will believe that you are in the early stages of your research, and your background in Education will only implore you to investigate further, particularly as it can save not one, but countless lives in our country!

 And some people believe being a Senator in Canada is easy! I don't think so! Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion, as stated above, I look forward to hearing and reading further debate on Bill S5 in the Senate!

Thank you,
Maria Papaioannoy-Duic,
Co-Owner, The Ecig Flavourium

1 comment:

  1. Very well done Maria I wish I could be as reserved and eloquent.